Lista de personal de la AEMA

Última actualización: 28/12/2016

Members of Integrated environmental assessments.

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 Nombre   Apellidos   Contacto   Título trabajo   Programa 
Almut REICHEL Almut.Reichel,,Email Project manager - Sustainable Consumption and Production IEA1 - Green economy
Anita PIRC VELKAVRH Anita.Pirc-Velkavrh,,Email Acting Head of group IEA2 - Foresight and sustainability
Anna Carin JOHANSSON AnnaCarin.Johansson,,Email Resource officer IEA - Integrated environmental assessments
Aphrodite MOURELATOU Aphrodite.Mourelatou,,Email Project manager IEA - Integrated environmental assessments
Catherine GANZLEBEN Catherine.Ganzleben,,Email Project manager - Chemicals and environment IEA1 - Green economy
Cathy MAGUIRE Cathy.Maguire,,Email Project officer - Env assessments, indicators and information services IEA1 - Green economy
Elena OSTARIZ COLLADO Elena.Ostariz,,Email Secretary - Scientific Committee and EEAcademy Secretariats IEA - Integrated environmental assessments
Ivone Pereira MARTINS Ivone.PereiraMartins,,Email Project manager - Urban sustainability IEA - Integrated environmental assessments
Jasmina BOGDANOVIC MILUTINOVIC Jasmina.Bogdanovic,,Email Project manager - Waste management IEA1 - Green economy
Jock MARTIN Jock.Martin,,Email Head of programme IEA - Integrated environmental assessments
Lorenzo BENINI Lorenzo.Benini,,Email Project manager - Sustainability assessments IEA2 - Foresight and sustainability
Marco VENEZIANI Marco.Veneziani,,Email Secretary IEA1 - Green economy
Mieke DE SCHOENMAKERE Mieke.DeSchoenmakere,,Email Project manager - Waste in a circular economy IEA1 - Green economy
Mike ASQUITH mike.asquith,,Email Project manager - Editor/Speechwriter IEA2 - Foresight and sustainability
Milan CHRENKO Milan.Chrenko,,Email Project manager - Sustainability and foresight IEA2 - Foresight and sustainability
Pawel KAZMIERCZYK Pawel.Kazmierczyk,,Email Project manager - Material flows IEA1 - Green economy
Pernille FOLKMANN Pernille.Folkmann,,Email Secretary - programme support IEA - Integrated environmental assessments
Stefan Ulrich SPECK Stefan.Speck,,Email Project manager - Sustainability Assessments IEA1 - Green economy
Tobias LUNG Tobias.Lung,,Email Project officer - Environmental indicators and assessments IEA2 - Foresight and sustainability
Vincent VIAUD Vincent.Viaud,,Email Project manager - Sustainability assessments IEA2 - Foresight and sustainability
Xenia TRIER Xenia.Trier,,Email Project manager - Chemicals, Environment and Human Health IEA1 - Green economy
Ybele HOOGEVEEN Ybele.Hoogeveen,,Email Head of group IEA1 - Green economy
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