List of EEA indicators

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List of EEA indicators
APE 005: Heavy metal emissions
APE 006: Persistent organic pollutant (POP) emissions
APE xxx/CSI 004: Exceedance of air quality limit values in urban areas 
APE xxx/CSI 005: Exposure of ecosystems to acidification, eutrophication and ozone
CLIM 001/CSI 012: Global and European temperature 
CLIM 002: Mean precipitation
CLIM 004: Precipitation extremes 
CLIM 005: Storms
CLIM 006: Air pollution by ozone and health
CLIM 007: Glaciers
CLIM 008: Snow cover
CLIM 009: Greenland ice sheet
CLIM 010: Arctic and Baltic Sea ice
CLIM 011: Permafrost
CLIM 012: Global and European sea-level rise
CLIM 013: Sea surface temperature
CLIM 014: Phenology of marine species
CLIM 015: Distribution of marine species
CLIM 016: River flow
CLIM 017: River floods
CLIM 018: River flow drought
CLIM 019: Water temperature
CLIM 020: Lake and river ice cover
CLIM 022: Distribution of plant species
CLIM 023: Plant and fungi phenology
CLIM 024: Distribution and abundance of animal species
CLIM 025: Animal phenology
CLIM 026: Species interactions
CLIM 027: Soil organic carbon
CLIM 028: Soil erosion
CLIM 029: Soil moisture
CLIM 030: Growing season for agricultural crops 
CLIM 031: Agrophenology
CLIM 032: Water-limited crop productivity
CLIM 033: Irrigation water requirement
CLIM 034: Forest growth
CLIM 035: Forest fires
CLIM 036: Extreme temperatures and health
CLIM 037: Vector-borne diseases
CLIM 039: Damages from weather and climate-related events
CLIM 043: Ocean acidification
CLIM 044: Ocean heat content
CLIM 046: Floods and health
CLIM 047: Heating degree days
CLIM 048: Production, sales and emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases)
CLIM 049/CSI 006: Production and consumption of ozone depleting substances
CLIM 050/CSI 010: Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trends and projections
CLIM 051/CSI 011: Progress to greenhouse gas emission targets 
CLIM 052/CSI 013: Atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations 
CSI 008: Designated areas 
CSI 009: Species diversity
ENER 016/CSI 027: Final energy consumption by sector and fuel 
ENER 017/CSI 028: Energy intensity
ENER 019: Efficiency of conventional thermal electricity and heat production
ENER 021: Final energy consumption intensity
ENER 026/CSI 029: Primary energy consumption by fuel
ENER 028: Share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption
ENER 029/CSI 030: Renewable energy in gross inland energy consumption 
ENER 030/CSI 031: Renewable electricity 
ENER 036: Overview of the European energy system
ENER 037: Progress on energy efficiency in Europe
ENER 038: Overview of the electricity production and use in Europe
LSI 001/CSI 014: Land take
LSI 003/CSI 015: Progress in management of contaminated sites
MAR 001: Hazardous substances in marine organisms
MAR 002: Trends in marine non-indigenous species
MAR 003: Pathways of introduction of marine non-indigenous species
MAR 005/CSI 021: Nutrients in transitional, coastal and marine waters
MAR 006/CSI 023: Chlorophyll in transitional, coastal and marine waters
MAR 007/CSI 032: Status of marine fish stocks 
MAR 008/CSI 033: Aquaculture production 
MAR 009/CSI 034: Fishing fleet pressure
Outlook 041: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - Outlook from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develoment (OECD) 
Outlook 042: Total population - outlook from UNSTAT
SCP 013: Household expenditure on consumption categories with differing environmental pressure intensities
SCP 033: Number of organisations with registered environmental management systems according to EMAS and ISO 14001
SEBI 001: Abundance and distribution of selected species
SEBI 002: Red List Index for European species
SEBI 003/CSI 007: Species of European interest
SEBI 004: Ecosystem coverage
SEBI 005: Habitats of European interest
SEBI 006: Livestock genetic diversity
SEBI 007: Nationally designated protected areas
SEBI 008: Sites designated under the EU Habitats and Birds Directives
SEBI 009: Critical load exceedance for nitrogen
SEBI 010: Invasive alien species in Europe
SEBI 011: Impact of climate change on bird population
SEBI 013: Fragmentation of natural and semi-natural areas
SEBI 015: Nutrients in transitional, coastal and marine waters
SEBI 016: Freshwater quality
SEBI 017: Forest: growing stock, increment and fellings
SEBI 018: Forest: deadwood
SEBI 019: Agriculture: nitrogen balance
SEBI 020: Agriculture: area under management practices potentially supporting biodiversity 
SEBI 021: Fisheries: European commercial fish stocks
SEBI 022: Aquaculture: effluent water quality from finfish farms
SEBI 023: Ecological Footprint of European countries
SEBI 025: Financing biodiversity management
SEBI 026 : Public awareness
TERM 001: Transport final energy consumption by mode
TERM 002: Transport emissions of greenhouse gases
TERM 003: Transport emissions of air pollutants
TERM 004: Exceedances of air quality objectives due to traffic
TERM 005: Exposure to and annoyance by traffic noise
TERM 012/CSI 035: Passenger transport demand 
TERM 013/CSI 036: Freight transport demand
TERM 019: Transport infrastructure investments
TERM 020: Real change in transport prices by mode
TERM 021: Fuel prices
TERM 027: Energy efficiency and specific CO2 emissions
TERM 028: Specific air pollutant emissions
TERM 030: Load factors for freight transport 
TERM 031/CSI 037: Use of cleaner and alternative fuels
TERM 032: Size of the vehicle fleet
TERM 033: Average age of the vehicle fleet
TERM 034: Proportion of vehicle fleet meeting certain emission standards 
WAT 001/CSI 018: Use of freshwater resources
WAT 002/CSI 019: Oxygen consuming substances in rivers
WAT 003/CSI 020: Nutrients in freshwater
WAT 004/CSI 022: Bathing water quality
WAT 005/CSI 024: Urban waste water treatment
WREI 001: Emission intensity of agriculture in Europe
WREI 002: Emission intensity of domestic sector in Europe
WREI 003: Emission intensity of manufacturing industries in Europe
WST 003: Waste electrical and electronic equipment
WST 004/CSI 041: Waste generation

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