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Corine Land Cover 2006 raster data

Data Created 25 May 2010 Published 27 May 2010 Last modified 08 Jul 2014, 04:52 PM
Version 13 (02/2010) - Raster data on land cover for the CLC2006 inventory

GIS data

CLC 2006 V13 - 100m

Additional information

Corine land cover 2006 classes and RGB color codes
INSPIRE compliant metadata set
Land accounts data viewer manual
Land accounts data viewer - demo video
QGIS compliant colourmap

Courtesy of C.Cavallini

QGIS compliant colourmap

Courtesy of P.Cavallini


Additional information

The resolution of the data is 100 x 100 and 250 x 250 meters.
No pre-built pyramids in data.

This is the 13th CLC grid update and 5th version containing also data from CLC2006 update (36 countries -
only UK, CH and GR data still missing from complete CLC2006 coverage).

Previous version of the data set:

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