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Reportnet deliveries per obligation

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count obligation
"2085"^^<> "[3rd daughter] Monthly ozone exceedances"
"1101"^^<> "[Water Framework] Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2010 Reporting"
"1014"^^<> "[E-PRTR regulation] E-PRTR data reporting"
"949"^^<> "[Greenhouse gas] Greenhouse gas inventories (MMD)"
"821"^^<> "[UNFCCC] Greenhouse gas inventories (UNFCCC)"
"772"^^<> "[CLRTAP] Air emission annual data reporting (CLRTAP/EMEP)"
"584"^^<> "[Exchange on] EoI Data on air quality measurements at monitoring stations"
"527"^^<> "[2nd daughter] Air quality assessment annual reporting for 2nd daughter directive (Art.3, 4, & 5)"
"527"^^<> "[3rd daughter] Annual ozone exceedances reporting for 3rd daughter directive"
"523"^^<> "[1st daughter] Air quality assessment annual reporting for 1st daughter directive"

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PREFIX rod: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>

SELECT count(DISTINCT ?subj) AS ?count ?obligation
  ?subj a rod:Delivery ;
        rod:released ?released ;
        rod:obligation ?obluri .
?obluri rdfs:label ?obligation
} GROUP BY ?obligation ORDER BY DESC(?count)

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