Corine land cover 2000 (CLC2000) 250 m - version 5/2005

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Created 13 Nov 2009 Published 10 Jul 2012 Last modified 20 Apr 2016
One of the major tasks undertaken in the framework of the Corine programme has been the establishment of a computerised inventory on the land cover

European data

Corine land cover 2000 classes and RGB color codes

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Code level 3 Land cover code at level 3 varchar(3) 0
Label level1 Land cover nomenclature label at level 1 varchar(255) 0
Label level2 Land cover nomenclature label at level 2 varchar(255) 0
Label level3 Land cover nomenclature label at level 3 varchar(255) 0
Rgb color RGB color code varchar(15) 0


Additional information

The objectives of the land cover project are: - to provide those responsible for and interested in the European policy on the environment with quantitative data on land cover, consistent and comparable across Europe; - to prepare one comprehensive land cover database for the 25 EC Member States and other European countries, at an original scale of 1: 250 000, using 44 classes of the 3-level Corine nomenclature. Changed since last version of the dataset: - New countries added - Geometry improved. Geometry of databases have been improved using ArcGIS9 transformation engine for ETRS89-LAEA/ETRS89. Erroneous geometry for Luxembourg data corrected - Harmonized with standard EEA reference grids (08 Apr 2005). See the Corine land cover 2000 brochure.

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