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AirBase measurement configurations

Data Table
European data
Table definition
Field name Data type Primary key
Component_code int(4) Yes
Height_sampling_point int(4) No
Length_sampling_line int(4) No
Sampling_time int(4) No
Calibration_frequency int(4) No
Integration_time_frequency float(8) No
Station_european_code varchar(7) Yes
Measurement_european_code varchar(5) Yes
Component_caption varchar(50) No
Component_name varchar(50) No
Component_fwd varchar(3) No
Measurement_unit varchar(10) No
Sampling_time_unit varchar(50) No
Integration_time_unit varchar(255) No
Calibration_method varchar(255) No
Calibration_description varchar(255) No
Body_or_programme varchar(255) No
Measurement_start_date varchar(10) No
Measurement_end_date varchar(10) No
Measurement_latest_airbase varchar(10) No
Measurement_automatic varchar(3) No
Measurement_technique_principle varchar(80) No
Location_sampling_point varchar(255) No
Measurement_equipment nvarchar(510) No
Calibration_unit nvarchar(510) No
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