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Data Visualization Average concentrations of nutrients in European groundwater and surface waters (1992-2011)
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Data Visualization application/vnd.symbian.install Rivers - orthophosphate - trend analysis
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Figure Trends per station in orthophosphate concentrations in European seas
Stations showing a statistically significant decrease (green), increase (red) or no trend (grey) of winter orthophosphate concentrations within the period 1985 to 2012. Selected stations must have data, at least, in the period 2007-2012 and must have at least five years data in all.
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Figure Orthophosphate concentrations in European seas
The map shows the winter orthophosphate concentrations in the European coastal and open waters in 2012. The class boundaries “high” (red), “moderate” (orange) and “low” (yellow) concentration are determined by the 80/20 percentiles of the data set for the years 2007-2012 in each regional sea.
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GIS Map Application Orthophosphates in rivers
The map shows the mean annual concentration of orthophosphates (OP), expressed as milligrams of PO4-P per litre of water, observed in river monitoring stations and reported by EEA member countries via WISE. For most countries the mean annual value is based on observations over the whole year, whereas some countries only collect samples during the growing season (due to ice cover in winter). High or increased (compared to reference condition) concentration of phosphates represents a risk to normal functioning of river ecosystems, causing eutrophication with potentially excessive growth of benthic algae or other aquatic vegetation, oxygen deficiency in the bottom substrate and reduced biodiversity. The purpose of the map is to provide an overview of the mean annual value of orthophosphates in rivers across Europe and to enable the user to compare values per country, River Basin District (RBD) or individual monitoring station, depending on the scale of visualisation. Historical data since 1993 can be displayed using the time slider.
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Data Visualization Average concentration of orthophosphorus in European rivers
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Data Visualization D source code Nutrient trend
The data series are calculated as the average of annual mean concentrations for groundwater bodies/river stations/lake stations in Europe. Only complete series after inter/extrapolation are included (see indicator specification). The number of groundwater bodies/river stations/lake stations included per country is given in the notes below the individual substance charts.
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Indicator Assessment Nutrients in freshwater
Since 2005, average nitrate concentrations in European groundwater have declined and in 2011, the mean concentration had almost returned to the 1992 level. The average nitrate concentration in European rivers declined by 0.03 milligrams per liter of nitrogen (mg N/l) (0.8%) per year over the period 1992 to 2012. The decline in nitrate concentration reflects the effect of measures to reduce agricultural inputs of nitrate, as well as improvements in wastewater treatment. Average orthophosphate concentration in European rivers has decreased markedly over the last two decades (0.003 milligrams per liter of phosphorous (mg P/l) or 2.1% per year). Also, average lake phosphorus concentration decreased over the period 1992-2012 (0.0004 mg P/l, or 0.8% per year). The decrease in phosphorus concentration reflects both improvements in wastewater treatment and the reduction of phosphorus in detergents.
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Data Visualization Rivers - orthophosphate
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Data Visualization application/vnd.symbian.install Rivers - orthophosphate - trend analysis
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