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List of all icons available

Link types are automatically detected on client side by a javascript (scanforlinks) which will add the necessary class icon before the link.

Icons based on protocols

external link, secure link, FTP link, callto link, mailto link
Test links: new EEA domain link, PDF on new EEA domain link, Presentation on old EEA domain

Mix links examples

Icons based on file extension, on different external sites and protocols

Word doc on external link, PDF on secure external link, Zip on FTP, Excel doc on secure external link,

Available icons based on file extension

New icons or updates can be done via the mimetypes_registry in the Plone CMS or through the EEADesign2006 product. Contact the EEA web development team in this case.

file.cdr,, file.icz, file.ics, file.std, file.tsp, file.mmf, file.eml, file.mhtml, file.mht, file.nws, file.ncf, file.docx,, file.etx, file.wmv, file.wad, file.geotiff, file.pdi, file.cod, file.prc, file.odt, file.oda, file.ra, file.m3u, file.csv, file.sgl, file.dv, file.dif, file.wmlc, file.dl, file.xsl, file.vcd, file.nv2, file.ltx, file.sty, file.cls, file.tex, file.wax, file.kml, file.ram, file.rm, file.rpm,, file.iso, file.msi, file.d, file.nwc, file.wvx, file.wsc, file.sct, file.sit, file.adt,, file.kss, file.eap, file.sxi, file.mml, file.dem, file.nsf, file.vcf, file.p12, file.pfx, file.pic, file.pict, file.pct, file.class, file.sv4cpio, file.ess,, file.c++, file.cxx, file.cpp, file.php3, file.pas, file.p, file.rtf, file.ico, file.cpio, file.sd2, file.myi, file.jnlp, file.odp, file.php4, file.sti, file.smf, file.ustar,, file.xhtml, file.xht, file.ntf, file.wma, file.apr, file.vcs, file.oza, file.wk, file.exe, file.bat,, file.dll, file.avi, file.xcf,,, file.shar, file.egt, file.flac, file.phtml, file.pht, file.php,, file.eps,,, file.wmx, file.cdy, file.rss, file.jar, file.sdd, file.sdp, file.odg, file.nb, file.qtl, file.ez, file.dxr, file.dcr, file.dir, file.psd, file.ts,, file.mxd, file.odc, file.wpd, file.e00, file.sxm, file.fli, file.mdb, file.accdb, file.tsv, file.wav, file.otg, file.gcd, file.ica, file.adp, file.ldb, file.mde, file.mdf, file.latex, file.rel, file.moc, file.gcf, file.wmlsc, file.odf, file.gsf, file.pfa, file.pfb, file.pcf, file.pcf.Z, file.xwd, file.sv4crc, file.sgf,, file.fb,,, file.frm, file.frame, file.fbdoc, file.maker, file.dmg, file.gnumeric, file.bak, file.old, file.sik, file.%, file.~, file.fp, file.fp3, file.fp5, file.fp7,, file.snd, file.sxg, file.stx, file.lsf, file.lsx, file.sxw, file.rin, file.uls, file.wz, file.ora, file.stw, file.lzh, file.pdx, file.lzx, file.ras, file.flv, file.hdf, file.ksp, file.kexi, file.ods, file.isp, file.ins, file.wmz, file.txt, file.diff, file.text, file.pot, file.ksh, file.asc, file.pls, file.spl, file.fig, file.wmd, file.ser,,,, file.wml, file.hs, file.xul,, file.asf, file.asx, file.gdb, file.bmp, file.otp, file.odi, file.myd, file.prf, file.p7c,, file.odm, file.bcpio, file.swf, file.swfl, file.c,, file.stl, file.pac, file.key, file.hpp, file.hh, file.hxx, file.h++, file.xpm, file.midi, file.kar, file.mid, file.aif, file.aiff, file.aifc, file.mxu, file.pnm, file.djv, file.djvu, file.vsd, file.xlb, file.xls, file.xlt, file.pyc, file.pyo, file.gif,, file.jmz, file.chrt,, file.src, file.gsm, file.pgn, file.pjpg, file.shp, file.pdf, file.abw, file.ots, file.kpt, file.kpr, file.png, file.gz, file.rst,, file.restx,, file.roff, file.t, file.wmdb, file.hta, file.svg, file.svgz, file.phps, file.odb,, file.taz, file.gtar, file.tgz, file.sgml, file.sgm, file.js, file.kil, file.daf, file.wbxml, file.texinfo, file.texi, file.pgp, file.sid, file.dvi, file.wbmp, file.pbm, file.cdt, file.mif, file.vor, file.sdw, file.mng, file.dted, file.xlsx, file.ppm, file.rdf, file.pcx, file.tar, file.sxd, file.m1v, file.mpa, file.mpg, file.mpe, file.mpeg, file.xml, file.torrent, file.dms, file.chml, file.bz2, file.sdc, file.csh, file.wm, file.hqx, file.sda, file.mp4, file.ief, file.jad, file.wp5, file.jpeg, file.jpe, file.jpg, file.pat, file.doc, file.wiz,, file.wmls, file.crl, file.bib, file.sis, file.iii, file.deb, file.udeb, file.lhs, file.smil, file.smi, file.crt, file.ogg, file.o, file.css, file.skd, file.skm, file.skt, file.skp, file.kwt, file.kwd, file.cpt, file.m4v, file.epub, file.jng, file.rtx,, file.323, file.wdb,, file.pgm, file.h, file.xpi, file.p7r, file.php3p,, file.tcl, file.tiff, file.tif, file.rar, file.sdb, file.db,, file.gpx,, file.xbm, file.kexic,, file.qt, file.sxc, file.rgb, file.oth, file.udl, file.obj, file.bin,, file.a, file.m4a, file.mpega, file.mp3, file.mp2, file.mpga, file.cdf, file.lha, file.fdb, file.pwz, file.ppt, file.pps, file.ppa,,

European Environment Agency (EEA)
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1050 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 3336 7100