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EEA Calls for Tender

EEA/TIE/00/005 To provide consultancy services for dissemination work [closed]
EEA/TIE/00/003 To develop, streamline and maintain the Information Centre activities of the European Environment Agency [closed]
EEA/TIE/00/001 Layout services for EEA publications [closed]
EEA/IAR/02/2000 Call for expression of interest: Multiannual programme for scientific and technical assistance in the field of information on the environment
EEA/IAR/01/2000 Expert assistance to the transport and environment reporting mechanism - activities 2000 - 2001 [closed]
EEA/TIE/010/99 Framework agreement for editing, proof-reading, web-editing and journalistic work for the EEA. [closed]
EEA/TIE/008/99 Development of applications and delivery of services for management and dissemination of environmental data and information. [closed]
EEA/OIPI/007/99 Call for an external provider of information technology products and services to support the improvement of EEA hardware, software and services. [closed]
EEA/AIA/003/99 Support of the EEA expert group on Guidelines and State of the Environment Reporting, 2000 [closed]
EEA/AIA/004/99 Organisational support for the production of the 2000 edition of the EEA indicator report [closed]
EEA/OIPI/005/99 Exhibition work framework contract for EEA [closed]
EEA/OIPI/004/99 To provide the European Environment Agency with bulk mailing services [closed]
EEA/OIPI/003/99 Lay-out work for the European Environment Agency [closed]
EEA/OIPI/002/99 Local network expansion, management and related technical assistance to the European Environment Agency [closed]
EEA/OIPI/001/99 Preparation and production of video films [closed]

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