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Data Visualization chemical/x-pdb Trends in consumption of selected food products (quantities)
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Data Visualization National energy consumption by fuel
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Highlight Circular economy to have considerable benefits, but challenges remain
The environmental benefits of adopting a circular economy in Europe could be considerable – reducing waste, and minimising the continent’s heavy dependence on imports of raw materials. A new report published today by the European Environment Agency (EEA) draws attention to both the benefits and challenges of such an economic transition. The report also describes possible ways to measure progress and highlights the areas where more attention is required from research and policy in order to turn the concept into reality.
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Indicator Assessment Passenger transport demand
Passenger transport demand in the EU-28 increased by nearly 1.1 % between 2012 and 2013, after an overall downward trend since its peak in 2009. Car passenger travel remains the dominant transport mode, with a share well above 70 %. Air transport grew by 10 % in 2011, but stabilised in 2012 and 2013. However, it retained its pre-crisis modal share (9 %). The share of rail passenger travel has grown slightly in recent years, accounting for 6.6 % of transport demand in 2013. Land only passenger transport demand continued to grow in 2013 in the non-EU-28 countries, with Iceland experiencing 2.9 % growth, Turkey 3.2 %, Switzerland 1.6 % and Norway 1.3 %.  
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Data Visualization Total fish catches, aquaculture production, consumption, imports and exports
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Figure The changing distribution of middle class consumption
The left panel of the figure shows the average middle class consumption per capita for selected world regions/countries. Middle class is defined as people living in households earning and spending between 10 and 100 per person per day (2005 US dollars, in purchasing power parity).
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Publication Environmental indicator report 2014
Environmental impacts of production-consumption systems in Europe
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Data Visualization Middle class population by world regions
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Infographic How can we make our economy circular and resource efficient?
Currently, we are using more resources than our planet can produce in a given time. We need to reduce the amount of waste we generate and the amount of materials we extract.
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Article What makes us buy what we buy?
Europeans of all ages are consumers. What we choose to consume and buy plays a role in determining what is produced. But how do we choose what to buy? Is it a rational or an impulsive decision? We asked Lucia Reisch, from Copenhagen Business School, about consumer behaviour in Europe.
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