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Figure Projected changes in annual, summer and winter temperature
Projected changes in annual (left), summer (middle) and winter (right) near-surface air temperature (°C) in the period 2071-2100 compared to the baseline period 1971-2000 for the forcing scenarios RCP 4.5 (top) and RCP 8.5 (bottom). Model simulations are based on the multi-model ensemble average of RCM simulations from the EURO-CORDEX initiative.
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Figure D source code Observed permafrost temperatures from selected boreholes in European mountains
The figure shows observed permafrost temperatures from 10 m (left) and 20 m (right) depth and their evolution for selected boreholes in European mountains: the sites of the PACE transect and two additional sites in Switzerland (Matterhorn and M.d. Barba Peider) and one in Norway (Dovrefjell).
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Figure Observed and projected global mean surface temperatures from 1900, for three IPCC scenarios and the 'Year 2000 constant concentration' pathway
If global greenhouse gas emissions would not be reduced, the 2°C target will be exceeded towards the middle of the 21st century. The horizontal 2°C target line takes into account warming of about 0.6 °C from pre-industrial to 1990. “Likely” ranges in average 2090-2099 warming for all six IPCC scenarios are shown on the right
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Figure Projected changes in annual mean temperature (left) and annual precipitation (right)
Projected changes are for 2071-2100, compared to 1971-2000, based on the average of a multi-model ensemble forced with the RCP8.5 high emissions scenario. All changes marked with a colour (i.e. not white) are statistically significant. Individual models from the EURO-CORDEX ensemble or high-resolution models for smaller regions may show different results.
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